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Weidemeyer's Admiral - Limentis weidemeyerii

Edith's Copper - Lycaena editha

Hairstreaks & Blues
Skippers & Skipperlings
Caterpillars & Chrysalis
Marbles Sulphurs

Coppers Metalmarks Swallowtails

Crescents Monarchs
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Fritillaries Saytrs

    • American Snout - (Libytheana carinenta) - in St. George, Washington County, Utah 2008
    • Arizona Sister - (Adelpha eulalia) - orange, brown, blue and white butterfly in Middle Cnyn, Tooele Cnty, UT 9-2017
    • Hoary Comma -in the Jordanelle wetlands, Wasatch County, Utah
    • Red Admiral - (Vanessa atalanta) - on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah
    • Weidemeyer's Admiral - in Mercur Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah 6-11-2018, 7-22-2008
    • California Tortoiseshell - on Antelope Island and at Bear River MBR, Utah  6-2007, 5-2017
    • Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia) - in St. George, Washington County, Utah 2008
    • Painted Lady - (Vanessa cardui) - at Tonaquint Park in St. George, on Antelope Island, and at Red Butte Garden, SLC
    • West Coast Lady - (Vanessa annabella) - at Strawberry Reservoir and Antelope Island
    • Mourning Cloak - (Nymphalis antiopa) - two in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands, Wasatch Cnty., UT  2017
    • Milbert's Tortoiseshell - (Nymphalis milberti) - by Mirror Lake Highway and on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah 2017, 2011
    • Field Crescent - at Jordanelle Wetlands and Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch Cnty, Utah 2006, 2007, 2016
    • Mylitta Crescent - at Pineview Reservoir & near Bear River MBR
            Hairstreaks and Blues
    • Arrowhead Blue - at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah 2007
    • Colorado Hairstreak - (Hypaurotis crysalus) - hurt on road in Middle Canyon, Tooele County, Utah 9-2017
    • Coral Hairstreak - in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah 2008
    • Gray Hairstreak -4 photos at Red Butte Gardens and at Bear River MBR
    • Hedgerow Hairstreak - (Satyrium saepium) - along the Mirror Lake Highway, Summit County, UT 8-2017
    • Marine Blue - two photos at Willard Bay, Box Elder County. Utah, 9-11 & 9-12 of 2017
    • Melissa Blue - female on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah 2008
    • Melissa Blue - male and mating pair on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah 2008
    • Shasta Blue - female at Strawberry Reservoir, Wasatch County, Utah  2003
    • Sheridan's Hairstreak - (possible Callophrys sheridanii) - turquoise beauty in Big Cottonwood Cnyn, SLC cnty, UT 7-2017
    • Silvery Blue - in the Jordanelle Wetlands
    • Western Pygmy-Blue - on a cold November day on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah
    • Western Pygmy-Blue - one with hearts on the wings and a group of three on Antelope Island, 2015, 2016
    • Western-tailed Blue - (Cupido amyntula) - in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wasatch County, UT
  • Mormon Metalmark - (Apodemia Mormo) - on the slopes of the Lytle Ranch area in Washington Co., UT
    • Arizona Viceroy - (Limenitis archippus obsoleta) - at Tonaquint Nature Park in St. George, UT 2009, -17
    • Queen - in southern Utah Denise Blyn, 2005
    • Monarch Butterfly - two photos from Antelope Island, Utah
    • Monarchs - mating pair found at Locomotive Springs, Box Elder County, Utah
    • Viceroy - (Limenitis archippus) - in Wasatch County, near Jordanelle Dam
  • Clodius Parnassian - (Parnassius clodius) - large white & light green butterfly in Big Cottonwood Cnyn, UT 8-2017
  • Bordered Patch - (Chlosyne lacinia) - dark brown or black butterfly with orange and yellow stripes
    • Common Ringlet - (Coenonympha tullia) four photos from the Jordanelle wetlands in Wasatch Cnty, UT 2016, 2017
    • Great Basin Wood Nymph - (Cercyonis sthenele) - in Weber County, Utah
            Skippers and Skipperlings
           Whites and Yellows
          Caterpillars and Chrysalis

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