American Snout  (two photos)
Libytheana carinenta

American Snout butterfly
American Snout. Carol Davis 10-18-2008

snout butterfly
I was photographing a couple of Common Buckeyes who were all over these bushes at Springs Pond in St. George, Utah, when
I took these photographs.  I just thought this was a buckeye who was reluctant to open its wings while stationary (which it never
did).  It wasn't until I got home that I noticed the schnozzola on this butterfly and the different coloring.  It took until December,
when I was leafing through Butterflies of North America by Jeffrey Glassberg, that I found what I had been looking for since
October--an American Snout butterfly. Here was this gorgeous thing in all its glory and its outstanding nose.  No doubt
about it.  This was my butterfly. Seems like
Libytheana carinenta is quite common in the South and eastern half of the U.S.
and blesses Utah with visits to just the southwest corner.  I consider this one of my best finds.  Carol Davis 10-18-2008

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