Common Checkered Skipper (four photos)
Pyrgus communis

Pyrgus communis
Check out the cute hair style on this Common Checkered
Skipper on Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah.
Carol Davis 9-1-2016

Pyrgus communis
I guess it's possible I've seen these in my yard
before, but if I have, I can't remember.  I was
standing on my deck when this sweetheart came
 in, landed on my portulaca plant, and stayed there
long enough for me to get my camera. It must have
been tired.  Carol Davis 5-15-2020 Taylorsville, UT

Common Checkered
                    Skipper in Davis County, Utah
Female Common Checkered Skipper in the Jordanelle
 Wetlands. Wasatch County, Utah. Carol Davis, 9-27-07

Female common checkered skipper
Female Common Checkered Skipper on
 Antelope Island. Carol Davis, 8-26-07

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