Common Ringlet  (four photos)
Coenonympha tullia

Common Ringlet in Utah
It's been umpteen years since I've seen these butterflies - 2017 seems to be a good year for all species.
These were visiting Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wasatch County, UT.  Carol Davis 6-5-2017

Coenonympha tullia
This one had a particularly beautiful lower wing. Carol Davis 6-5-2017

The Jordanelle Dam area seems to be a favorite of this species. It was the area I saw my first
one below in 2007.  I seem to be celebrating a 10-year anniversary! Carol Davis 6-5-2017

Common Ringlet
Common Ringlet butterfly at Jordanelle Wetlands in Wasatch County, UT
Carol Davis, 5-20-07

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