Desert Marble aka Desert "Pearly" Marble  (three photos)
Euchloe hyantis

desert pearly marble
I was thrilled to get such a good picture of this "flighty" butterfly.  They hardly ever stand still - and this was
the only shot I got of this one at Bear River MBR.  Look at those crazy eyes! © Carol Davis, 8-12-2012

desert pearly marble
Desert Pearly Marble on Antelope Island. © Carol Davis, 5-4-2008

I was just lucky to find them this day on the island.  I went back a few days later and couldn't find any.  It boggles
my mind sometimes how my photography opportunities can be greatly altered by the exact day I go out or the
exact minute I pass a spot.   That's what makes photography so addicting, I guess.  © Carol Davis, 5-4-2008

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