Great Spangled Fritillary   (five photos)
Speyeria cybele leto
female and male
(photos taken on two separate days)

female Speyeria cybele
Female Speyeria cybele leto on thistle n the Wasatch National
Wasatch County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-16-2018

femal leto

She is just as beautiful from below as she is
from above.  This gal, though, whose picture I
 took 14 days after my first set of photos, was a little
 ragged on her left side. © Carol Davis 7-30-2018

male great-spangled
The male's orange coloration is in sharp contrast to the
subtle brown and ivory of the female.  © Carol Davis 7-16-20

male Speyeria cybele
Male posing for a photograph. © Carol Davis 7-30-2018

male and female
This male and female, who were trying to mate in the weeds at
our feet, were not making it easy for us to take photographs.
  © Carol Davis 7-16- 2018

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