Marine Blue
Leptotes marina

Marine Blue in Utah
This is a lone Marine Blue that I found at Willard Bay after I had seen quite a few of them
the day before. This one didn't stay, but I'm glad I got a few photos.  Below is the first
one I ever saw there.  © Carol Davis 9-12-1017

Willard Bay Marine Blue butterfly
I took one picture of this butterfly thinking it was the Western Pygmy Blue and it wasn't
until we had left the area that we discovered it was something else.  There were lots of WPB's
 there that day and a few of these MB's that were hugging the ground.  It didn't make for great
When I went back to Willard Bay the next day, almost all the tiny WPB's were gone and
 there was
one lonely little MB resting on the ground, of course. This was one of the better
butterfly finds of my life.  © Carol Davis 9-11-1027

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