Monarch Butterfly  (two photos)
Danaus plexippus

Monarch butterfly
Monarch Butterfly on Antelope Island. © Carol Davis, 10-8-2006

Monarch butterflies are one of  the most beautiful butterflies in Utah.  The caterpillar feeds on the milkweed plant and the adults take
pollen from any flower.  As a kid, I remember we used to have milkweed plants everywhere in the West, including most back yards. 
Now you have to hunt for milkweed, and large weeds of any kind in yards are frowned upon by most cities and in some cases (like the
city I live in) are prohibited.  When are we going to realize that we can't keep watering the West AND have enough water for drinking
and for wildlife?  What's wrong natural habitat such as rabbitbrush, sage and, yes, even milkweed?  I would love to raise milkweed
 and help preserve the Monarch Butterfly.  How about you?  Carol Davis, 10-8-2006

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