Monarch Butterfly


This is the eating-end of the Monarch Caterpillar found at the Jordanelle wetlands in
Heber County, Utah.  It was devouring this poisonous milkweed plant like a bug possessed.

Monarch caterpillar
The back-end looks more like a face than the front with little black eyes,
a cute fuzzy nose, and a sweet smile.  In fact, something about it resembles
Winnie the Pooh (no pun intended). Monarchs are a threatened species due
to diminishing habitat.  The poison of the milkweed plant, which stays with the
insect, keeps  predators from devouring the nasty-tasting caterpillar or
butterfly.  It is assumed some other butterflies, like the Viceroy, mimic the
 coloring of the Monarch to avoid being eaten by birds. You can see a photo
of the Monarch Butterfly here.

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Photos copyright Carol Davis, 2005.