Mylitta Crescent (three photos)
Phyciodes mylitta

Mylitta crescent
Mylitta Crescent at North Arm of Pineview Reseroir.  © Carol Davis, 9-3-06

Mylitta Crescent in Davis County, Utah
   Ménage à trois in the weeds of Bear River MBR.  Melissa Crescents are the most orange of the crescents
according to Butterflies through Binoculars. They are a dime a dozen at the refuge.  Notice the difference in the
colors of the mating male and female.  One is lighter, less colorful, than the other. © Carol Davis, 8-28-05

Mylitta Crescent with beetle
I just like this photo because there's a beetle right underneath the butterfly.  I'm
always amazed how many weird photos I come home with that show something
other than what I intended to shoot.  Love it!

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