Northern White-Skipper   (two photos)
Heliopetes ericetorum
"Great Basin White Skipper"

Northern White-Skipper
I have to admit I had no idea what this butterfly was, but I knew it was something I hadn't seen
before. My sister-in-law, Nicky Davis, directed me to the White-Skippers.  © Carol Davis 10-9-2016

I had to laugh as I watched these little butterflies trying to gather nectar in Mercur Canyon, Tooele
County, Utah. They would see another of their species, come flying in, and knock them off the flower. 
Just as I would get set to take a photo - BANG!  I was lucky to get these two photos. Bugguide say
they take nectar from flowers and also fluid from mud.  Larvae feed on Mallow, including
Globe Mallow, which we have a lot of in Utah.  © Carol Davis 10-9-2016

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