Painted Lady  (four photos)
Vanessa cardui

As far as I know, this is only the third large migration of Painted Ladies
through Utah in my lifetime. Although not as large as the ones in the 1970's
or 1990's, it was still pretty impressive. Lilacs were the flower of choice in
my yard, along with Sour Cherry blossoms and ornamental Flowering
Pear Tree blossoms. It was an impressive site as they wafted through my
yard in a continuous flow, landing gracefully on the lilacs and carpeting
them with their beauty. Since spring has been delayed this year, flowers
are few and far between.   Carol Davis 4-27-2019

painted lady
Painted Lady at Tonaquint Nature Park in St. George, Utah.  Carol Davis 9-19-2015

painted lady
Painted Lady visiting the remaining blooms on her late visit to Antelope Island.
Notice on the right top forewing the first dark area (or bar) is split on the top
 of the wing.  On the West Coast Lady it is a single bar. 
Carol Davis, 10-23-05

butterfly in the purple flowers
Painted Lady showing off her beautiful underwings in the purple
 flowers of Red Butte Gardens. Carol Davis 8-29-2008

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