Sandhill Skipper  (four photos)
Polites sabuleti

Polites sabuleti
Sandhill Skipper on an irresistible tiny bunch of flowers
in my yard in Taylorsville, UT. © Carol Davis 6-17-2018

Polites sabuleti
It would fly off and then return seconds later. It acted like it
 couldn't get enough and would draw the nectar for quite
 awhile. Cute little thing!  © Carol Davis 6-17-2018

Polites sabuleti
I saw this sweet baby flitting from flower to flower in my lawn morning glories
right after I had  thought I'd better
spray them.  So much for that idea.  I think
this one was straight out of the
chrysalis because it's so perfect.  It rested
 in my apple tree. © Carol
Davis 6-24-2017

sandhill skipper
This little skipper was in my garden for about 20 seconds - just long enough for me to get this one shot. From
 the wing pattern I discerned that it was a Sandhill Skipper - a new species for me.  © Carol Davis 5-29-2017

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