Sandhill Skipper Mating Shenanigans
Polites sabuleti - four photos

females laying eggs
When I saw these butterflies all through my grass
in Taylorsville, Utah, I didn't know what was going
on until I researched it on the internet and found that
eggs are laid in grass (like bluegrass, which is what we
have) and in surrounding bushes.
© Carol Davis 8-30-2018

Sandhill Skippers laying
The first I even knew of these butterflies in my yard
 was in 2017. They are so small and very beautiful.  After
the eggs are laid - well, you can read about the process
yourself on this site. © Carol Davis 8-30-2018

Sandhill Skippers in
Now because the males wait in grass for females
to fly by, I don't know if these photos are of males
or females. I have watched the males chase the females
so I know both are present. Now it's going to pain me
to mow the law (a lot more than it used to).
© Carol Davis 8-30-2018

Polites sabuleti on
            zucchini leaf
Again, not knowing if this was male or female, I
checked the underside of this zucchini leaf (underside of
leaf is exposed because of the wind) and I couldn't see
any eggs. This butterfly might have been a male on
 the lookout for a female. See better pictures from
years before here.  © Carol Davis 8-30-2018

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