Turquoise Butterfly
Species possible Sheridan's Hairstreak

turquoise butterfly
I have to admit I did a double-take when I saw this turquoise butterfly in Big
Cottonwood Canyon. I was pretty sure we didn't have any species that were
 a greenish-blue, but upon searching further, I found out there are a couple of
possibilities, but I think it might be a Sheridan's Hairstreak
. It was worn,
but a beautiful color! © Carol Davis 7-5-2017

turquoise blue butterfly
I took quite a few photos but not once did this little butterfly open its wings
except to fly off. Darn!  Even though the photos shows July 17, these were actually
taken on the 5th (or maybe they're taking the 5th - I know there's a 5th in there
somewhere and I can assure you I'm not drinking one!)  © Carol Davis 7-5-2017

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