Western Pygmy-Blue (two photos)
Brephidium exile

Western pygmy blue
There must be a million (and I'm not exaggerating) Pygmy-Blues on Antelope
Island right now and I'm sure its that way all over the desert. In the cold
mornings they are hanging all over the small bushes with their wings
turned toward the sun for warmth. I think they even outnumber
the midges! Carol Davis, 11-6-2014

western pygmy blue
This one was the most brightly-colored of all the ones I looked at and it wasn't too long after I took
this photo that the butterfly's wings warmed up enough for it to fly off.
The Western Pygmy-Blue
butterfly is, according to "Butterflies through Binoculars The West", the smallest butterfly in
North America - and you really have to be looking hard to see them.
Carol Davis, 11-6-2014

Western Pygmy
                Blue butterfly warming its wings
This is one of the first I spotted today in a group of five.  They looked like little leaves hanging off
the bushes in all kinds of positions. Below is just one of the bushes with tiny leaves about the same
size as the butterflies where these Blues can hide undisturbed by predators. Carol Davis,  11-6-2014


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