Zephyr Anglewing  (four photos)
Polygonia gracilis zephyr

Polygonia gracilis zephyr
I found a couple of these Zephyr Anglewings alongside a
stream in the Uintas, Summit County Utah. They were all
very worn but enjoying sunning in
the mountain air
just the same.  © Carol Davis 8-4-2021

zephry anglewing
This one was so worn it was almost transparent in
places.  © Carol Davis 8-4-2021
, Uintas

Zephyr Anglewings always have the white "C" mark
on the
underwing.  This one also has a little "period" at
the end.  I hadn't seen one of these in so long, I couldn't
 identify it right away. © Carol Davis 8-4-2021, Uintas

Polygonia gracilis
I took this photo in 2012 but forgot to post it on
 my website. These butterflies have such
a unique
© Carol Davis 9-21-2012, Brighton, Utah

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