Black Meadowhawk (male & female) - 4 photos
Sympetrum danae

black meadowhawk

black meadowhawk
I found this and other male Black Meadowhawk at Brighton, Utah and was kind of surprised since I had
never noticed them there before.  This one is a little worn in places but I admire any dragonfly that can
make it into late September without becoming lunch for a predator.  © Carol Davis 9-28-2009

Female Black Meadowhawk
Female Black Meadowhawk at Jordanelle BOR wetlands © Carol Davis, 8-7-05

Black Meadowhawk
This beautiful Black Meadowhawk with spotty gold trim was hanging out in the wetlands
below Jordanelle Reservoir near Heber City, Utah. He seemed to prefer this horizontal
perching position atop the higher bare sticks. © Carol Davis, 8-7-2005

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