Bleached Skimmer (three photos)
Libellula composita

bleached skimmer
I get a thrill out of seeing these beautiful dragonflies because I so seldom see them. This one
was perched on a stick at a turnout on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis 8-17-2017

bleached skimmer
Female Bleached Skimmer at Bear River MBR in Box Elder County.  Sometimes these dragonflies have orange at the nodus (middle) of
the wing and sometimes they don't.  This one has beautiful markings.  Carol Davis, 6-24-2007

Bleached Skimmers mating
My favorite dragonfly photo! Bleached Skimmers were abundant at Salt Creek in Box
Elder County this week.  They have such a cute face--like they're smiling all the time.
These two mating skimmers were seemingly pleased to have their
picture taken. Carol Davis 8-20-06

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