Female Blue Dasher   (three photos)
Pachydiplax longipennis

female blue dasher in Juab
Female Blue Dasher at Burraston Ponds, Juab
County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 8-23-2018

female blue dasher
I found this photo of a female Blue Dasher in my files today (4-2-2016).
I really had no idea what it was so I submitted it
to Bugguide for
 consideration and they identified it for me. It was a gorgeous creature.
The dragonfly below that I photographed the same day in Henderson,
Nevada was easy to identify because  of the markings on the top
of the abdomen. This one is so pristine that I believe it to be newly
 hatched and possible drying out its wings. © Carol Davis 4-13-2013

female Blue Dasher
I found this female Blue Dasher in the Henderson Ponds,
Henderson, Nevada.  You can see the male
dasher here,
along with another picture of a female.  © Carol Davis 4-13-2013

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