Common Green Darner  (three photos)
Anax junius

common green darner
I was in my yard trying to find a Great Spreadwing to photograph
and I turned around and saw this big-eyed (teneral male) Common
Green Darner
staring back at me.  For some reason, the pruned ends
on the stems of my Austrian Copper Rose are dragonfly/damselfly
magnets. Easy to hang on, maybe. Carol Davis 8-20-2018

green darner
Anax junius is one of the large dragonflies known to migrate.  I don't
 see many other large species in Taylorsville, although I did have
 some Black Saddlebags hanging around in the tops of the elm and
apple trees in late summer this year. Carol Davis 8-20-2018

green darner
I had just stepped outside when I noticed a large, beautiful Swallowtail butterfly go wafting through
my yard about 15 feet off the ground.  It swooped around and doubled back and when it did, something
came zooming up to it to check it out.  It was this  Common Green Darner!  I hadn't see one of these
 hanging around in my yard for a long, long time.  Carol Davis, 7-3-2010

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