Common Green Darner  (three photos)
Anax junius

I had just stepped outside when I noticed a large, beautiful Swallowtail butterfly go wafting through
my yard about 15 feet off the ground.  It swooped around and doubled back and when it did, something
came zooming up to it to check it out.  It was this Common Green Darner!  I hadn't see one of these hanging
around in my yard for a long, long time. 

green darner
After this beauty decided the butterfly was harmless and not another dragonfly trying to take over its territory, the
darner did a couple of zips around the area and then flew into a spruce and parked about three feet off the ground.
If I was one of the little people, I might have been able to get a good photograph but this dragonfly was hiding up
underneath a branch and I had to stoop very low to try to photograph it.  You can see better pictures on my other
page of the first Common Green Darner I ever saw resting in my yard.  © Carol Davis, 7-3-2010

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