Common Whitetail  (two photos)
Plathemis lydia

I glanced through my sliding glass door at the garden just to see if there
were any flycatchers or dragonflies resting on my red tomato cages.
They are a popular stop for both - darting out periodically to
capture prey.  ¬© Carol Davis 6-18-2019

Common Whitetail dragonfly
I noticed what looked like a Skimmer-sized dragonfly flitting around,
so I ran to get my camera.  When I took my first shot of this male, I had
no idea what he was; I'd never seen this species.  In birding terms, he
a "lifer".  He let me take a lot of pictures and then when I moved in
 too close
for comfort, he flew up and over the rose bush - never to be seen
 again. I live about a mile from the Jordan River, so he was just visiting the
¬©Carol Davis 6-19-2019  Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah

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