Great Spreadwing   (five pictures)
Archilestes grandis

female archilestes
This beautiful girl was so brown and loved to hang out on
an Austrian Copper rose bush near my Hydrangea
along with another female.  They are freakishly large
for Damselflies. © Carol Davis 8-18
Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, UT

great spreadwing
This other female that I photographed on August 17, was blue-green
and brown on the abdomen. They can vary greatly in color. This year
 I also had a male drop by and I have a couple of pictures of him
that I'll post later.  The rest of the photos are from the year 2014 -
the first time I ever saw one. © Carol Davis 8-17-2018

female Archilestes grandis
I just noticed the other day how many damselflies I had in the back yard in Taylorsville, Utah. It's kind of
late to see these beautiful little creatures so I took this time to go out to my garden and see if I could get a
few pictures of them or of any other insect or spider hanging around.  I glanced down and noticed a
"dragonfly" perched on a tomato cage.  I did a double-take when I saw that it was, instead, a damselfly - and
a very LARGE damselfly. I first thought it resembled a female Northern Spreadwing because it was brown
but it would have had to be a giant - it was as least 5-6 centimeters in length. I knew then that I had something
different and I also noticed the thorax had a different pattern.  © Carol Davis 8-14-2014

great spreadwing in Northern Utah
This female damselfly was perched about 2 feet off the ground and she let me take some pictures without any
problem, except for once when she flew off and then flew right back to the same spot. I went in the
to check out the photos and to find out what she was. When I discovered she was a Great
I went back outside and got one more shot before she took off and I didn't see her again. I think
she must
be out there somewhere because we have lots of little flying insects now that the damselflies can
feed on
because I always plant flowers in my garden to attract bees, wasps and other critters. © Carol Davis 8-14-2014

female Archilestes grandis in Utah
I keep thinking about how confused I was looking at this large damselfly; it
just didn't sit right in my head because of the size. What a neat
find in my own back yard.  INaturalist has a nice page on this
species.  © Carol Davis 8-14-2014

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