Great Spreadwing   (four pictures)
Archilestes grandis

male Great Spreadwing
I was laughing so hard at this male Great Spreadwing
trying to hide from me that it's a wonder I could take
any photographs.  © Carol Davis 8-30-2018 Taylorsville, UT

male Archilestes
This was how he was resting when I first saw him
near my garden today. He was lazily darting out
and catching small insects. The longer I stayed, the
more worried he became and that's why he was hiding
behind the bare twig (above).  © Carol Davis 8-30-2018

great spreadwing
This was taken a week earlier, but whether it's the
same male, I just don't know. The markings are
cleaner so it may have been a younger damselfly.
I love those blue eyes.  © Carol Davis 8-24-2018

male dragonfly
  Young male.  © Carol Davis 8-17-2017

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