Great Spreadwing Finishing Off a Meal   (three photos)
Archilestes grandis

Archilestes grandis
            finishing off an insect
I usually find these large damselflies resting on a twig in
my Austrian Copper rose bush (bottom of page), but this
one was in my
garden in Taylorsville, Utah, catching insects
 on my Cleome 
serrulata and other nearby plants.  Check
out the insect it's still chewing on.  © Carol Davis 8-

largest damselfly in
Just another angle on this beautiful, large damselfly (still chewing). 
These are the largest damselflies in the United States and if you've never
seen one before, it's startling when you see how large they are compared
to the little damselflies you may be used to.  © Carol Davis 8-10-2020

pair of Great
            Spreadwings sharing a twig
Pair of Great Spreadwings posing for photos on a rose
bush twig.  They hang around in the shade and fly out
 to catch bugs on a nearby Hydrangea bush that's
covered in huge white blossoms (and visited by
 many pollinating insects).  © Carol Davis 8-8-2020

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