Unidentified Mosaic Darner  (four photos)
Taylorsville, Utah

mosaic darner

These two shots were taken with my larger camera and show the color a little more accurately.  What I don't understand
about this dragonfly are the triangular-shaped sections of the bottom wings that are closest to the body.  I haven't seen
these before and the color contrast really stands out.  The photos below, taken with a different camera with a flash,
show it a little closer up.


weird dragonfly wings
When I was looking at the area without the camera, those sections stood out vividly and were a light, almost white,
color (I have circled them in yellow in the above photo).  I wonder if anyone knows what kind of dragonfly this is
Maybe the whitish areas become more transparent as the dragonfly matures.  © Carol Davis, 6-30-2010

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