Northern Spreadwing  (four photos)
Lestes disjunctus

Northern Spreadwing damselfly male
Male Northern Spreadwing, with a damaged wing, in the wetlands below
Jordanelle Dam in Wasatch County, Utah © Carol Davis, 8-7-2005

northern spreadwing
Male Northern Spreadwing with pruinosity on thorax and abdomen.

Female Northern Spreadwing
Common Northern Spreadwing female on Antelope Island
©Carol Davis, 7-31-05

appendages of female northern spreadwing
In 2008 I didn't see as many dragonflies and damselflies as I normally do, except in Bryce Canyon.  But, I also didn't see as many
deer flies so I can't do too much complaining.  There was an extensive mosquito abatement program that I think may have influenced
the population (I'm only guessing).  Also, we didn't get warmer temperatures until the second week June so possibly the hatchings
were later and there were fewer of them.  Maybe next year will be better.

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