I pulled this young damsefly from a spider web where it was entangled.  I took it inside my car and strippped
the webbing from its body.  In this photo you can still see the wings webbed together in the middle.
I took a really thin piece of paper and separated the wings and within a minute the damsefly was
flying around the car and then out the window.  At no point did she ever panic, even when only
her wings were stuck.  She seemed to know I was trying to help her.  My first save at
Bear River MBR. © Carol Davis, 7-16-2006

heat relief
This one saved herself from the stifling summer heat at Bear River MBR  by flying inside the open window of my car and
resting on my snack bar wrapper. She flew other places in the car but preferred the brightly-colored wrapper.  After
lounging around, cooling off with a lemonade and a light snack, she flew back outside to face the heat with
renewed gusto.  This same day I also had a Robber Fly accompany me for awhile at Salt Creek WMA.  When I
rolled down the window to try to shoo him out, he preferred the cool car and I finally had to put him on a piece of
paper and set him outside the car.  © Carol Davis, 6-24-2007

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