Striped Meadowhawk  (three photos)
Sympetrum pallipes

mating pair of
                    Sympetrum pallipes
We saw these two mating Striped Meadowhawks
at Midway Reservoir, Utah.  Carol Davis 9-9-2018

                    Meadowhawk male
Male Striped Meadowhawk at Antelope Island,
 Davis County, Utah. Carol Davis, 8-7-05

Teneral male Striped Meadowhawk.  This meadowhawk is supposedly
the only meadowhawk with a white horizontal stripe on the top of the side
of the thorax.  The Variegated Meadowhawk has whitish vertical stripes like
this one, but they have yellow spots at the ends. Striped Meadowhawks are found
in the northwestern part of Utah and in Utah's dixie.  Carol Davis 7-31-2005

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