Late November Variegated Meadowhawks
(two photos)
   Sympetrum corruptum

variegated meadowhawk late november 2017
I was just pulling over at different spots on the causeway on Antelope Island and looking
for any kind of insects that might be out. It was 45 degrees but the weathermen said today
would be around 70 degrees and sunny. It was neither, and really didn't get much better. I
just about to get in my car when I spotted this dragonfly (in pristine condition).
Pretty neat! It wasn't going anywhere soon, I'm sure - too cold.  I have spotted one
 later than this - photo below from 2008.  Carol Davis 11-26-2017

As you can see, this photo is not posted for its beauty but for the lateness of the species. 
I found this at Garr Ranch on Antelope Island along with a male and female Darner of
 unknown species, who never touched down long enough to identify. The two darners were
depositing eggs in the very limited wetland area. This little meadowhawk was patrolling the
area for intruders (like any other meadowhawk in its right mind would be in
 Northern Utah the last of November - ha!). Carol Davis 11-30-2008

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