Western Meadowhawk (three photos)
Sympetrum occidentale

western meadowhawk in Taylorsville Utah
As far as I know, this is the first one of these
I've photographed in my hard in Taylorsville,
Salt Lake County, Utah.  Carol Davis 7-9-2021


This is the only dragonfly I saw all day on Antelope Island.
 The temperature was right around 60 degrees when I found this
one resting in a bush.  Isn't it perfect?  Must have just hatched out.
Carol Davis 10-23-2009

western meadowhawk
  It's late for dragonflies but I have found them (a
Variegated Meadowhawk) as late as November 30th. 
Seems like it would be a dangerous time for dragonflies
with all the birds in migration.  Carol Davis 10-23-2009

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