Western Pondhawk  (five photos)
Erythemis collocata

pondhawk standing
                  on water
This is a strange and interesting photo. The beautiful male
Western Pondhawk is standing on flora floating on a pond
 at Farmington Bay WMA. You can even see little flowers
underneath the goo. I can't even imagine how many insects
 there must be in all of that. ©Carol Davis 6-15-2020

western pondhawk
Western Pondhawk with the bluest eyes I've ever
seen.  At Farmington Bay WMA in Davis County,

Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-22-2019

Western Pondhawk
                  and cloud
No, it's not a nuclear fallout cloud - just an unusual
one behind an obelisking Western Pondhawk at
Farmington Bay, UT.  © Carol Davis 7-22-2019

male western
Male Western Pondhawk at Burraston Pond,
Juab County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 8-23-2018

Male Western Pondhawk at Farmington Bay in Davis
County, Utah.  © Carol Davis, 7-9-2006

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