Western Pondhawk (six photos)
Erythemis collocata

Western Pondhawk
This sweet thing was hanging out at Farmington
Bay WMA, Davis County, UT. © Carol Davis 7-1-2018

female western
How nice to find a female Western Pondhawk at Salt Creek WMA in
Box Elder County, UT.  It wasn't so nice to find its prey to be a damselfly. 
© Carol Davis 8-20-2017

young female
This female appeared to be a little younger than the one above and
 just as prist
ine.  It was also at Salt Creek WMA.  Lots of water
 there this year.  © Caro
l Davis 8-20-2017

Erythemis collocata in Wasatch County Utah
I could hardly believe it when I spotted this female Western Pondhawk
in Wasatch County today.  © Carol Davis 6-26-2016

female western pondhawk
These little beauties have become scarce in Northern Utah - at least in
 the places I used to find them.
I think the lack of mosquitoes might have
 something to do with their scarcity. © Carol Davis 6-26-2

side view of a female Western Pondhawk
Thankfully this little female wasn't too elusive in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands.  My last sighting
of these was in 2007 at Bear River MBR. When they cut down the phragmites at Bear River
along the canal next to the (now paved) road, it made access to dragonflies almost impossible
 since they used to rest on the stalks.  You could just hop out of the car and take
some great pictures. Ahh... for the "good old days." © Carol Davis 6-26-2016

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