Western Red Damsel   (five photos)
Amphiagrion abbreviatum

red damsel eyes
I'm posting this crumby picture only to show the eyes of this tiny Red Damsel.  This was not taken with a flash so
the colors are true.  Supposedly, these little damselflies do not have eyes spots but this one does.  Interesting.
Antelope Island is where this little insect calls home.  © Carol Davis, 5-25-2010.

female western red damsel
Female Western Red Damsel on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis, 5-31-2009

male red damsel
Rescued Male Western Red Damsel on Antelope Island.  This little guy was caught in a spider web and still has some of the web
on his wing.  He paused long enough to thank me and let me take a couple of photos.  Very cute. © Carol Davis, 5-31-2009

mating pair of red damsels
Mating pair of Western Red Damsels Antelope Island, Davis Cnty, UT. © Carol Davis, 5-31-2009

Western Red Damsel
Male Western Red Damsel eyeing the camera on Antelope Island. © Carol Davis, 5-7-2009

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