Alderfly - (three photos)
Order Megaloptera
Genus Sialis

Just when I begin to think I've seen all the weird insects Utah has to offer, I find this oddity alongside the
large pond (lake) at Bear River MBR. I had never seen anything like it before and I figured the larva
 had to be aquatic since there  was a casing from which the insect was emerging.The wings were
very thick, still wet, and the insect looked rather cumbersome.  Carol Davis 5-13-2012

hatching alderfly
This is what the underside looked like. You can see the pincers on the cast-off skin that were part of the aquatic larva. 
Alderflies are in the same order as Dobsonflies and Fishflies, both strange-looking insects as well. Carol Davis 5-13-2012

This is another one I found that was just lounging around on grass by the pond.  Bugguide helped me
identify these strange-looking insects. To me they looked like a cross between a Caddisfly and
an Antlion. Alderflies dine on invertebrates in  ponds and streams and as adults they live
only to breed.  There are 24 species in the Neartic ecozone.  You can read more
about them on Wikipedia. Carol Davis 5-13-2012

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