Alkali Bee - Sweat Bee   (three photos)
Nomia melanderi

Nomia melanderi
I found  scores of these bees collecting pollen from the beautiful Rocky Mountain Bee Plants that
can be found sparingly on
Antelope Island.  The RMBP is one of their preferred flowers and, judging from
the number of pollinators, word had gotten around that these plants were ready. Carol Davis, 9-8-2012

alkali bee
These are called Alkali Bees because they prefer to nest in the alkaline soil of the West.  They are the
very best
of all the pollinators for production of alfalfa.  Many farmers have set aside areas so these
 bees can nest on their alfalfa farms, according to an article found here.).  Carol Davis, 9-8-2012

sweat bee
Bugguide helped me narrow these bees down to the Nomia genus and I found more information on them that
I think narrowed them down to the species Nomia melanderi.
  They are very beautiful and are fantastic
pollinators.  I stood among them taking pictures as they busily flew around me and continued on with their
Here's short article for more technical information on these native bees. I also just found this neat
showing an alkali bee bed next to fields of alfalfa.  Carol Davis, 9-8-2012

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