Ambush Bug, Part III  (four photos)
Native American Headdress
Genus Phymata
6-9 mm

This is my own personal opinion, but I think the early Native Americans may have fashioned their
beautiful headdresses after the tiny Ambush Bug. 
I love these bugs!

Ambush Bug
by Carol Davis

Tiny warrior dressed for battle,
Headdress flowing, cloaked in armor,
Bulging biceps, earthy colors
(Make you such a little charmer!)

Causing enemies’ hearts to falter
Watching you devour the foe.
And inside that rough interior
Beats a heart magnifico!

Faithfully you wait in silence.
Defending all that God has sown.
You are here to do the cleansing.
Terrestrial guardsman, Nature’s own.

ambush bug
This Ambush Bug was eating flies like little snack cakes.

ambush bug
This wasp did a quick retreat as it came around a leaf and encountered the Ambush Bug. © Carol Davis, 7-29-2009

These tiny bugs, some of my very favorite insects, stay motionless and let the prey come to them.  Their first pair
of legs are large and have jagged edges for securing their meals
.  © Carol Davis, 7-26-2009

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