Jagged Ambush Bug   (two photos)
Phymata americana coloradensis

ambush bug
I visited the Jordan Water Conservancy garden for the first time this week and was impressed by the
beauty and by the vast array of plants.
As I looked around, I figured that somewhere in the lovely
flowers I would find an ambush bug.  I
looked on the common yarrow, which is usually a  good place
to find them, but they were absent. 
As I was walking on a stony path near the Education Center, 
I saw some goldenrod and I thought for
sure there would be some there, and there were, lots of them. 
I was having trouble getting a focused
shot so these two photos will have to do. © Carol Davis 9-1-2014

ambush bug phymata americana coloradensis
Jagged Ambush Bugs look large but they are very small. Usually they kind of stay put most of
the time but these took flight quite often. There were lots of bees around but there were also lots of
Phymata to compete with, so I think they moved a lot to get a better place to capture prey.  I used
to think Ambush Bugs were rare, but you can probably find them in your own  garden.
Look for them on yellow plants where they blend in well. I also found one of them
on a leaf of a tree just as I was leaving the garden.  © Carol Davis 9-1-2014

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