Antlion  (three photos)

mature ant lion
When something like a tiny angel with wings passes by you while you are out in the fresh air, take a second
look because it might not be a damselfly angel, but an Antlion angel. Carol Davis 7-30-2015

I had only seen one adult Antlion on Antelope Island until yesterday. I noticed this very long-bodied, winged creature come
in like an angel from Heaven and land on a small plant nearby. I wondered  if it might be an Antlion - and it was!
I didn't get a picture of that one and was pretty disappointed but then I started seeing them everywhere. It must have
Utah Antlion Day.  Aren't the green eyes beautiful on this sweet thing?  Carol Davis 6-16-2013

beautiful antlion
As you probably know, these are some of the scariest-looking creatures on the planet when they are living underground in their
funnel-shaped dirt home.  Then they mature into this amazing insect. Nature is mind-boggling! This Antlion was a different
one than the first one pictured on this page and they both were different than the first one I saw. The abdomen on the first one
was at least half again as long as these two. For more information on Antlions, visit "The Antlion Pit".  Carol Davis 6-16-2013

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