"Apache Wasp"  (three photos)
Paper Wasp
Polistes apachus

polistes apachus in Utah
I walked right by this wasp at Tonaquint Park in St. George, Utah because I though it was a Polistes aurifer paper
wasp and then
I turned around and took a second look.  As I stepped toward it, it stepped towards me in a
challenging manner - and then I
backed up a couple of feet and it relaxed.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2015

paper wasp with green eyes
The first thing I noticed that was different were those keen green eyes and then the little orange patches just above the eyes. The
 coloring was just breathtakingly beautiful.  It never took its eyes off me as I moved in closer and I tried to get as much of the
 body as I could into the lens but there was no way to get to the side of or above this paper wasp.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2015

paper wasp with green eyes
You can read more about these wasps on Wikipedia. I steer clear of paper wasps as much as possible because
they are crabby and will sometimes sting for no apparent reason. This one certainly came right out at me
with a challenge but lucky for me it felt no real threat.  It pays to have a long lens for taking Polistes photos.
 This has to be one of the most gorgeous paper wasps I've ever seen.   © Carol Davis 9-21-2015

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