Aphid Wasp  (four photos)
Genus Passaloecus

Passaloecus aphid wasp
My yard seems to be full of little aphid wasps, either laying eggs inside aphids or feeding them to their
young.  This is a Passaloecus wasp who provisions her nest
with enough aphids to feed her young
until they mature, according to
The Bees' Needs Blog.
© Carol Davis 7-24-2014

tiny black wasp that eats aphids
Where are these wasps? They are all over your yard wherever aphids can be found but
they are so tiny you will probably not be able to see them doing their job. You might
even think they're an ant with wings.  © Carol Davis 7-24-2014

Wasp looking for aphids
I get excited every time I see one of these because I know they are controlling my aphid
population, which I tend to ignore just so these wasps can do their job.  © Carol Davis 7-24-2014

tiny aphid wasp
I haven't seen any aphid wasps yet (early June 2015) but I know they'll be around soon. We had a
heavy, early infestation of aphids this year because of a mild winter, and then it rained a lot and the
aphids disappeared (whether or not the rain had anything to do with it, I don't know). Now they're
 starting to come back so I should be seeing aphid wasps soon.  Eric Eaton has more on
 these amazing little wasps.  © Carol Davis 5-29-2014

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