Apoid Wasp   (three photos)
Genus Cerceris

cerceris wasp
Cerceris wasps in the family Crabronidae are solitary wasps that build their nests in the ground.
I found this one at Promontory Point, Box Elder County, Utah. The only other Cerceris
wasp I've found was also at Promontory Point.  © Carol Davis 6-9-2013

apoid wasp cerceris

According to Bugguide "Most Cerceris species prey on adult beetles, but some also prey on bees and wasps.
At least one species, C. halone, preys exclusively on acorn weevils (Curculio nasicus)."
© Carol Davis 6-9-2013

yellow and black solitary wasp
This shot shows the veins in the wings quite well. I hope someday this small wasp can be
narrowed down to species. © Carol Davis 6-9-2013

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