Apoid Wasp
"Aphid Wasp"
Subfamily Pemphredoninae
Subtribe Pemphredonina

aphid wasp Pemphredonina
I can't even begin to describe how tiny these aphid gathering wasps are and how hard it is to
them. They look like gnats. They are fast and they prefer to hunt on my lilac. I understand
some of them also gather some plant material to place between cells in their nests so that may explain
the visitation on the lilacs. My roses, which are near, are covered in aphids. © Carol Davis 5-29-2014

apoid wasp in subfamily Pemphredonina
These little square-headed hunters, who aren't that much bigger than some aphids themselves,
 load their egg cells with aphids to feed their wasp young when they hatch. I was going to use some
insecticidal soap on my rose aphids 
(which I never do) but now I'm considering just letting the wasps
do their thing.  The wasps are adorable.  (I apologize for the awful photos, but they're as good as
I'm ever going to get with any camera I own.)
© Carol Davis, 5-29-2014, Taylorsville, Utah

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