Apoid Wasp  (three photos)
Genus Astata

Astata wasp
While checking out a spider at Tonaquint Nature Park in St. George, Utah, I glanced down and saw
this little black wasp with a red abdomen resting on a leaf. I knew instantly it would be a new species for
 me to post if I could get a
picture. Lucky for me, it was not spooked by my camera.  © Carol Davis 6-30-2017

wasp face
This is the shot that got me wondering if it was really a wasp because the eyes looked
 so fly-like. The experts at Bugguide assured me it was indeed a wasp. © Carol Davis 6-30-2017

apoid wasp - crabronidae
This little guy was definitely hunting because he flew off chasing something and came right back
to the same spot - like a robber fly. Astata are great little wasps to have around but not very
common. I was lucky to find this one.  Here's a female Astata wasp that I found in Red Butte
Garden in Salt Lake City a few years ago. © Carol Davis 6-30-2017

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