Ashy Gray Ladybug  (three photos)
(ladybugs are also called ladybird beetles & ladybeetles)

Species Olla v-nigrum

gray lady beetle
I had to go to Southern Utah to find the gray color variant
 of this lady beetle.
What a pleasant surprise to see it in Grafton,
Utah while I was on a birdwatching field trip. Carol Davis 5-15-2010

ashy gray lady beetle
 In trying to remove the tiny green leaf laying atop the beetle, I knocked the
 little lady off her perch and so ended the photo shoot.  Drat!  Below are photos
of the red and black variant of this beautiful beetle. Notice the upturned
edge on the shell - like a tiny helmet.  This is a trait of the species.
  Carol Davis, 5-15-2010

black ladybug
I've lived a long time in Utah and never seen one of these so to find one the
 last day of November on Antelope Island is even crazier. The temperature was in
the low 50's.  I think the only reason it was visible was because it was seeking
 the warmth of the sun so it was on top of the bush. Carol Davis 11-30-2008

ladybug in black and red
It is the only North American species in the genus Olla. There is another
black and red lady beetle, very similar to this one, in the species
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle, but the face on the Olla
is distinctive.  Carol Davis 11-30-2008 - Antelope Island

black and red ladybug
This  beetle was so cute I wanted to take it home with me, but I would
never do that since plants, insects and animals inside a
 park are protected.  Carol Davis, 11-30-2008

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