Ashy Gray Ladybird Beetle - black and gray varieties
aka Ashy Gray Ladybug
Olla v-nigrum

I found these little cute little things in Tonaquint Nature Park in
St. George, Utah. © Carol Davis 4-19-2015

orange and black ladybug
If they're not cute enough, they come with orange spots and striking
black eyes against a white
background.  It's hard to believe the gray
variety below are the same species.  © Carol Davis 4-19-2015

ashy gray ladybug
If I hadn't seen these before, I wouldn't have had a clue what species they were. I found
  some gray ones at Grafton a few years ago.  © Carol Davis 4-19-2015

gray ladybug with black spots
You can read more about the Ashy Gray Ladybird Beetle here on the University of
Virginia site.  © Carol Davis 4-19-2015

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