Assassin Bug  (three photos)
Zelus tetracanthus

assassin bug picnic
Two Assassin Bug sweethearts on a picnic. One even remembered
the root beer! (actually its assassin eggs)  Carol Davis, 7-23-2009

Assassin bug
Assassin Bug waiting for prey on the top of a bush on Antelope
Island.  Just happened to spot this one from my car while browsing
 the sides of the road for small butterflies.  These bugs will eat anything
 they can catch and on Antelope Island there are lots of available snacks. 
They have a painful bite so they should not be handled.  Carol Davis, 8-26-07

head of the assassin
The black arrow shows the sucking mouth part that
loops back down towards the body.  These Assassins
 could have been the stars of 1950's monster movies.

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