Assassin Bug
Fitchia spinosula

Fitchia aptera assassin bug
I was walking up a path on Antelope Island when I saw a very bright yellow insect that I first thought must be
a spider. When I got up close to take the picture, it kind of looked like an assassin bug. I thought
I'd seen about
 all the assassin bugs I was going to see on the island but this one was something special.
I took two pictures (one
blurry) and then decided to sit down and take some more pictures because the
insect wasn't moving and after I
sat down, I looked up to find the assassin gone. It was small, gorgeous and very bright and unlike
most assassins
that hunt in the tops of the bushes, these bugs live in the grasses and to find one is really special. Assassin Bugs
are stealthy hunters of other insects.  This bug was previously listed as
Fitchia aptera. © Carol Davis 4-8-2014

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