Assassin Bug Hatching   (three photos)
Family Reduviidae

assassin bugs
I always wanted to see one of these hatchings and I was lucky enough to be
on Antelope Island when this was happening.  It's hard to realize just how small
these egg casings are from this photo but they are very tiny and the nymphs
that are emerging are very, very tiny. You probably wouldn't even notice
them if it weren't for their long legs (and then they're still difficult
to see with the naked eye. © Carol Davis 7-30-2013

reduviidae nymphs hatching out
I was holding the stick (because the wind was blowing, as always) and there
were lots more of these nymphs than the picture shows - some had wandered up and
down the stick.  I suddenly felt something tickling the hairs on my left arm and it was some

of these that had wandered up my stick. There are relatives of this insect (Blood-sucking
) that sometimes
feed on human blood so you can imagine how thrilled I was to
have them on my body.
I quickly brushed them off... (see below)
  © Carol Davis, 7-30-2013

bugs with long legs
...and then after taking more pictures, I went to my car to check out the photos.
Again I felt a little crawly and looked down to see a couple more on my
arm.  The
thing is, they're so tiny at this stage that all you can see are the long legs that just
look like other hairs. I think I finally got them all but it was a weird experience. I
never know what to expect when I visit Antelope Island. Notice how the egg sac
 looks like a bunch of pop bottles. One more thing - I think the bug at the bottom of
the photo is a soccer fan - it's got a soccer ball balanced on the
top of its rear leg.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2013

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