Assassin Bug Nymph   (two images)
Zelus tetracanthus

assassin bug nymph
I spied this tiny Assassin Bug on the side of my house in Taylorsville, Utah and thought
"What the heck?" I don't
remember seeing an assassin this early and especially not in my
yard.  It's not very
old because it was only about 6 mm in length.  © Carol Davis 3-12-2015

assassin bug
I took its picture with a flash because there was no sun on it and it handled that okay for
about seven shots and then dropped down to the little ledge under the siding. When I took
another picture of it there, it just dropped down to the ground in some litter and that was
the end of my photo shoot. It was sure a handsome little thing.  © Carol Davis 3-12-2015

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